Monday, July 22, 2019

Mixcraft Artist of the Month - Smokey Haze!

Born and raised on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, meet Smokey Haze, Mixcraft Artist of the Month. From Hyannis to Provincetown, the Hip Hop community has quickly risen to become an integral part of the eclectic mix of surfers, artists, fishermen, retirees and the many restaurant, services and entertainment workers that make up the cultural landscape of Cape Cod, a world-famous summer tourist destination. I met Smokey Haze thru my long-time friend Angel Robinson, founder of Deluxe Entertainment Group of New England.

Motivated Positive Vibe 
Young and super-mature beyond his years, Smokey Haze is a talented artist, musician, writer, producer, content provider, entrepreneur and a bonafide music industry pro. A Mixcraft user since 2011, check out these interview excerpts and this extensive catalog of music published on his own label by his own production company,

In The Beginning
"I started out as a recording artist/rapper in my teens but developed a strong passion for making beats and being a music producer, my true calling in life. Some of my influences are Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Metro Boomin' / 808 Mafia and many others." 

Why Mixcraft?
"I've been using Mixcraft since 2011 and have never felt the need to switch to another DAW. I find it extremely user friendly, love the workflow, and the piano-roll editor allows me to quickly and easily create my own melodies. Focusing mainly on the Trap genre, I make all of my melodies and loops from scratch."

Favorite Instruments, Effects?
"My go-to 3rd party plugins for making beats are Omnisphere (Spectrasonics), ElectraX (Tone2) and Nexus (reFX). My go-to mixing effects in Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio are the Acoustica Delay and EQ, and the Classic Master Limiter. The gem to achieving a nice mix is the sound selection and leveling out of all of your sounds to make sure they are not clashing against one another."

Production Credits, Magazine Features?
"I've worked with hip hop legend Cassidy and French Montana's Chinx Drugz. I've been featured in Xxl Magazine, Coast2CoastMag, Hiphopweekly, The Hypemag and Hood Illustrated."

Music Content Provider / Label Founder
"I started Studiotrapsounds label/website a year and a half ago to sell sound kits, loops and drum kits (specializing in Trap Kits). Everything I publish is 100% royalty free original content.

Editor's note:
I found Smokey Haze to be a great kid, with a lot of raw and learned talent, confident yet humble, driven and very cool. For anyone making music (with any DAW) looking for tasteful, masterfully arranged royalty-free hip hop and trap kit beats and music with a sweet balance of acoustic and synthesizer instrumentation, you should be checking out Smokey Haze as your go-to content collaborator!

Learn more about Smokey Haze: Listen to / purchase Smokey Haze content:
Studiotrapsounds / SoundCloud / Airbits / Beatstars / Facebook

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