Friday, October 25, 2019

Mixcraft 9 Sneak Preview - Curved Automation!

Currently in beta, a major overhaul to the Mixer and Track Views highlight the many new features and updates you can expect in Mixcraft 9

Among the plethora of new features, improving look, feel and workflow, streamlining audio and MIDI controls, adding curve automation, tempo automation, new effects and a Vocoder are just a sample of the hundreds of new enhancements in Mixcraft 9

Curved Automation is a welcome addition to soften and round out automated linear track fx:

Mixer view enhancements include a Parametric EQ, Gain, Drive, Compressor, Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, and much more:

New effects include Toneboosters MultiFX, Reverb, EQ, Bus Compressor, Barricade, De-esser, and Compressor:

Check out my first video project recorded, edited, mastered and published with Mixcraft 9:

Editor's note: Mixcraft 9 is a major upgrade that will improve the efficiency of your workflow while allowing you to maximize your creativity. Stay tuned for more Mixcraft 9 pre-release sneak peak posts in the coming weeks. Learn more soon at

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Plug in of the Month - Voltage Nucleus FREE!

Acoustica's sister company, Cherry Audio, has launched their Voltage Modular Year One Anniversary Celebration promotion, extended through September 15th. And, they would like to thank the thousands of new Voltage Modular users across the globe who have come on board by running a plethora of special limited time offers! Perhaps the most exciting offer during the Year One Celebration is the new Voltage Nucleus package, absolutely FREE! 

And, as it should be, it is our "Featured Plug-in of the Month". Voltage Nucleus (regularly $50) contains 22 modules, 67 presets, and is 100% completely FREE until September 15th! There's never been a better way to learn about modular synthesis and to explore sound creation, and it won't cost you a dime.

Voltage Nucleus includes all of the fundamentals of subtractive analog synthesis, including oscillators, filters, envelope generators, amplifiers, and mixers, plus a sequencer, arpeggiator, and a full suite of useful utility modules and powerful effects modules. 

With Voltage Nucleus, you can discover the thrill of patching modules together in new and endlessly creative ways, and explore all of the capabilities of Voltage Modular, absolutely free. For all you DAW owners (Mac and PC), you will be psyched to know that Voltage Nucleus runs as a plugin and supports VST2, VST3, AU and AAX formats. It also runs as a stand alone app. 

Venus Theory has put together an entertaining video tutorial introduction:

Editor's Note:

What an awesome way to get introduced to the world of modular synthesis. We highly recommend you download Voltage Nucleus FREE today. Everyone should absolutely take advantage of this special limited time offer!

Monday, July 22, 2019

Mixcraft Artist of the Month - Smokey Haze!

Born and raised on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, meet Smokey Haze, Mixcraft Artist of the Month. From Hyannis to Provincetown, the Hip Hop community has quickly risen to become an integral part of the eclectic mix of surfers, artists, fishermen, retirees and the many restaurant, services and entertainment workers that make up the cultural landscape of Cape Cod, a world-famous summer tourist destination. I met Smokey Haze thru my long-time friend Angel Robinson, founder of Deluxe Entertainment Group of New England.

Motivated Positive Vibe 
Young and super-mature beyond his years, Smokey Haze is a talented artist, musician, writer, producer, content provider, entrepreneur and a bonafide music industry pro. A Mixcraft user since 2011, check out these interview excerpts and this extensive catalog of music published on his own label by his own production company,

In The Beginning
"I started out as a recording artist/rapper in my teens but developed a strong passion for making beats and being a music producer, my true calling in life. Some of my influences are Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Metro Boomin' / 808 Mafia and many others." 

Why Mixcraft?
"I've been using Mixcraft since 2011 and have never felt the need to switch to another DAW. I find it extremely user friendly, love the workflow, and the piano-roll editor allows me to quickly and easily create my own melodies. Focusing mainly on the Trap genre, I make all of my melodies and loops from scratch."

Favorite Instruments, Effects?
"My go-to 3rd party plugins for making beats are Omnisphere (Spectrasonics), ElectraX (Tone2) and Nexus (reFX). My go-to mixing effects in Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio are the Acoustica Delay and EQ, and the Classic Master Limiter. The gem to achieving a nice mix is the sound selection and leveling out of all of your sounds to make sure they are not clashing against one another."

Production Credits, Magazine Features?
"I've worked with hip hop legend Cassidy and French Montana's Chinx Drugz. I've been featured in Xxl Magazine, Coast2CoastMag, Hiphopweekly, The Hypemag and Hood Illustrated."

Music Content Provider / Label Founder
"I started Studiotrapsounds label/website a year and a half ago to sell sound kits, loops and drum kits (specializing in Trap Kits). Everything I publish is 100% royalty free original content.

Editor's note:
I found Smokey Haze to be a great kid, with a lot of raw and learned talent, confident yet humble, driven and very cool. For anyone making music (with any DAW) looking for tasteful, masterfully arranged royalty-free hip hop and trap kit beats and music with a sweet balance of acoustic and synthesizer instrumentation, you should be checking out Smokey Haze as your go-to content collaborator!

Learn more about Smokey Haze: Listen to / purchase Smokey Haze content:
Studiotrapsounds / SoundCloud / Airbits / Beatstars / Facebook

Friday, June 21, 2019

How to create an event promo video in Mixcraft!

Speaking purely from a bias POV, and I am sure you have your own favorite places to play, there is nothing better than a summer gig on Cape Cod. Being the world famous Atlantic oceanside tourist destination that it is, Wellfleet's population blossoms from 2,700 residents in the dead of winter to over 30,000 on any given week in July and August. Come springtime, restaurant/bar managers start their booking frenzy of summer entertainment events.

While nothing replaces the old-school method of poster-ing flyers downtown, at the post office and in beach parking lots, creating an event promo video and publishing on social media and YouTube can be of great benefit to super-busy restaurant/bar managers. Here is an event promo video I created for my next gig using Mixcraft 8 to record, edit, mix and publish on social media and YouTube:

Five steps to create an event promo video:

Step 1: Live performance recording with Mixcraft

Capturing a video performance with a camcorder never does justice to audio. We will use Mixcraft to record the audio. After placement of the camcorder and room prop staging is complete, I plug the guitar through my pedals direct into the audio interface. Check signals to make sure it is not too hot. Capturing a live performance, set the metronome in Mixcraft to "Record Count-In Measures" only. Hitting record, I nail the loop on the 1st take and start comping over the loop. Summer Breezin' my friends!

Step 2: Insert and sync video track in Mixcraft 

Mixcraft 8 supports MP4 (WMV, AVI) and loads videos from most all camcorders on the market.

1. Click on "Time" for this project.
- Use Time instead of Beat because recording is a live performance.

2. Click on Video/Add Video.

3. Click on Video "fx" icon.

- Sun was seeping thru the windows so I added the "Lightness" effect setting the node appropriately.

4. Playback to sync video.

- Turn "Snap to Grid" off. Zoom out and move clips left or right to sync video to audio tracks.

Step 3: Edit audio tracks, add audio effects

1. Click on "Guitar Submix Track".
- Adding the 2nd guitar track is optional. Because I noticed a section of the solo clipping (see 3), I split the clip and moved it to a separate track to isolate.

2. Click on "fx" icon to add guitar effects.

- Using Acoustica EQ, Classic Chorus and Fusion Field bundled plug-ins.

3. Split clip moved to a separate track to isolate.

4. Added Classic Compressor to track to minimize noise.

Step 4: Add images, text, video clips and motion to video track

1. Click "Video", "Add Images" and select image.
- Image will load onto the video track. Extend image clip over the video clip for cross-fade effect.

2. Click on Video Track "+/-" button to open Text Track.
- Click on text track exactly where you want to insert the text. Text and video clips are treated the same way in Mixcraft as an audio clip. Click on clip to cut, copy, paste, move, extend or reduce.

3. Click on "Now Marker", "Video", "Add Video", select video file.

- If 2nd video clip is inserted onto main video clip lane, it defaults to a pretty cool superimpose effect producing a fading in and out of the two clips. You can also right click on the video track to add "video lanes" to insert more video clips.

4. Double click on text clips to edit and add motion.
- In the "Edit Text" dialog box, click on the Text tab to change font, font size, color and placement. Click on the Fade and Motion tabs to add duration-sensitive movements, fades and reveals.

Step 5: Using Mixcraft one-click publishing features:

1. Click on "File" in the menu bar. Drop down and select "Publish".

2.  Select and log on to music and video sites to publish to and promote on.

3.  Upload artist or band image. Select render quality.

4.  Add song title, artist / band info, bio credits, genre and promotional copy. Click on "Publish" for simultaneous upload to selected music and video sites.

Editor's Note:  Thank you for visiting Anthony's Home Studio. If you would like to take a closer look at Mixcraft, please visit for more details or download a free trial.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Plug-in of the month - Voltage Modular by Cherry Audio

Cherry Audio has released Voltage Modular, a virtual modular synthesizer for Windows and OS X supporting VST, AU and AAX plug-in formats, as we as stand-alone.

The ultimate introduction to modular synthesis, Voltage Modular gives musicians instant access to a virtual Eurorack and modular synthesizer experience. 

Voltage Modular Core + Electro Drums bundle intro offer is $99 (115 modules)! Starter pack, Voltage Modular Ignite, intro offer is only $29 (45 modules)!

Check out Venus Theory's rapid review of Voltage Modular, highlighting it's ease-of-use, incredible flexibility, and massive sound:

A complete virtual modular platform!

Using Voltage Modular Designer software, Cherry Audio and third-party developers are adding new modules every month, including PSPaudioware, Misfit Audio, Andrew Macaulay, Vult, Benard, Autodafe and more to come. 

New modules show up in the in-app store to download and purchase. Also available on the Cherry Audio store.

Fresh from it's European debut at SuperBooth19!

On May 9-11, Voltage Modular's European debut was at SuperBooth19 in Berlin.

Here is a show floor demo at SuperBooth19 using a Voltage Modular preset, assigning MIDI controls to keyboard knobs, loading a virtual instrument using the Plug-In Host module, loading beats with the Sampler I module, syncing with the Step Sequencer module.

To learn more about Voltage Modular, watch videos, listen to audio demo's or download a free trial, visit

Monday, April 15, 2019

Alyssa Grey - Mixcraft Featured Educator of the Month!

As the winter trade show season winds down (NAMM, IMSTA, SYNTHPLEX), it has not been lost on me the great fortune bestowed upon me year after year working with so many super-talented friends and associates in the music industry. I am humbled by so many cool people I get to hang out with, including Grammy winning artists and nominees, genius software and hardware developers, creative graphic artists, award-winning product designers, and exceptionally talented synth, preset, and loop music-making sound designers.

Alyssa Grey - Featured Artist
With all that said, it was at TMEA (Texas Music Educators Conference) in San Antonio where I was lucky enough to find this month's featured artist, "Mixcraft Educator of the Month - Alyssa Grey". As it was in this instance, often it is that unplanned moment of trade show booth nirvana where a music demo turns into something much more. Alyssa's body of work as a music educator, clinician, conductor and performer is clear evidence of her gifted and learned talents, and the passion she has for her craft.

How's this for a musical resume? 

Alyssa earned Bachelor's degrees in both Music Education and Music Theory/Composition from the University of Miami in Florida. She studied Music Education with Joyce Jordan and Nick DeCarbo and Composition from Grammy winning composer Lansing McLoskey. Her master's degree is in Music Education from the Eastman School of Music where she studied with Chris Azzara and Richard Grunow.

A flutist and singer, Alyssa performs professionally in the Dallas Symphony Chorus. Currently a PhD student and Teaching Fellow in Music Education at the University of North Texas, she assists with the Wind Symphony, under the direction of Eugene M. Corporon. Recently the Wind Symphony performed an arrangement of "Adagio" by Rodrigo where Alyssa added SATB saxophone parts in addition to bass clarinet, new percussion, and euphonium. Watch the video:

Mixcraft Educator Tips from Alyssa:

Alyssa in the Mixcraft booth at TMEA
An avid user of Mixcraft, Alyssa has amassed a huge folder of Mixcraft projects developed over the years. Initially, Alyssa used nearly all of Acoustica's complimentary 16-chapter curriculum and Teacher's Guide in her classroom, which you can download for free here. After running thru most of the guidebook projects, she wrote her own Mixcraft projects using her own ideas coming from many places with content constantly changing. Most often, her preferred projects are film scores. In her own words:

"There are so many important concepts my students can learn throughout the film score process. I only had a few projects my first semester teaching the class but I quickly ran into a problem. The same students wanted to take the class again, some of them up to three times! I constantly had to create new material to keep them engaged. One thing that was really successful was creating a form they could fill out where they proposed their own project and grading criteria. I would then approve or give them revisions for the proposal before they could begin. While most students preferred to do the "regular" projects, advanced students or those with specific interests could take their own path.

I always begin a new semester on day one by having students watch the Mixcraft Quick Start Guide. I ask them to split screens and pause the video to try each new idea while they watch the tutorial. We frequently reference the Mixcraft Youtube channel for new ideas and tips."

Alyssa's Mixcraft "Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting" Project

Alyssa wrote and prepared her own Mixcraft "Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting" classroom project. The students chose to upload their videos to YouTube. Here's a link to the playlist of 12 examples. They vary in quality, but are authentic examples of student work:

Attention Mixcraft music educators, Alyssa has graciously allowed us to share her Mixcraft "Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting" project worksheet, timeline sheet and teacher's guide documentation for your classroom purposes. Download the documents here.

Editor's note: Thank you Alyssa for stopping by the Mixcraft booth at TMEA and for letting us share your story with Mixcraft users and music educators. Hope to see you next year!

Learn more about Mixcraft 8, visit

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