Sunday, October 7, 2018

Plug-in of the month - Trophies by Bryan Michael Cox

Trophies ($199-VST/AU) fuses modern beat making tools with old school RnB instruments, layers, sounds and progressions. As StudioLinked CEO and industry veteran Evin Groves explains, Trophies is a collaborative effort between StudioLinked developers building the design and features, and, 9X Grammy award winner Bryan Michael Cox providing the royalty-free content and consultation. 

StudioLinked is offering a 50% discount coupon good thru January 6, 2019.  USE COUPON TROPHIES50 OFFER ENDS JANUARY 6th

I took Trophies for a spin in Mixcraft 8 and can attest to the functional ease-of-use to access pristine-sounding instruments, to creating layers of instruments, and to the quality of the 500 included presets. What sealed the deal for me was access to the “ready-to-go” “drag n’ drop” signature-sound old school RnB musical progressions that Bryan used in the hit records "You got it back", "Be without you", "Walked out of heaven" and Justin Beiber's "Never let you go". These progressions are super-useful for coming up with music beds to use in your song creations.

Here is an overview of Trophies presented by Bryan Michael Cox:

Opening Trophies in Mixcraft 8:

Step 1:  Select Track Virtual Instrument

Step 2:  Left Click on Icon to open
              VST browser

Step 3:  Select VST Instruments
              (left column) 
              Select Trophies
              (right column)

Step 4:  Right click on Icon to open

Selecting an Instrument and Preset:

                 Step 1:  Scroll thru Category column
                               Click on Instrument to select

                 Step 2:  Scroll thru Preset column
                               Click on Preset to play

Layering Instruments:

Steps 1-4:  
Click on Layers A-D:
Scroll drop down menu to select instrument, then select preset

Using Progressions in Trophies:

Step 1:  Select Instrument and Preset
              (see above)

Step 2:  Click "+/-" to switch to MIDI

Step 3:  Click on Main Chords for
              rhythm progression
              (or lead for solo progression)

Step 4:  Click on Preview to audition

Step 5:  Click on "+" and drag to track 

Trophies offers so much more including arpeggiators, filters, cut-offs, delay, chorus and many other FX. Visit for more. 50% OFF TROPHIES USE COUPON TROPHIES50.

Editor’s note: If you would like to take a closer look at Mixcraft 8, visit for more or to download a free trial. Thank you for visiting Anthony’s Home Studio.

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