Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Control Surface Recording - Mixcraft 8 Performance Panel

This week I started to create tracks for product presentations for upcoming fall and winter clinics and product showcase sessions at various trade shows and educator conferences. Over the course of the year, depending on the venue, I will pick and choose from around 20 project files that I create in advance of the shows to use as demo songs at these clinics and trade shows.

To come up with all this content in a short period of time, I rely heavily on Mixcraft 8 Control Surface support, especially through the Performance Panel view, which controls my Launchpad-compatible control surface to simultaneously record and play live loops, loops sets and even virtual instrument tracks.

I will breakdown some of the interesting set-up and recording elements of the performance recording below. For your viewing, here is the video of this performance recording with flash notes for your better understanding.

Syncing a Control Surface to the Performance Panel

Setting up a control surface to interact with Mixcraft 8 is a snap!

Step 1: Select File / Preferences
Step 2: Select Control Surface
Step 3: Add / remove the many supported control services listed in the "Type" drop down column. Set up inputs and outputs.

Load Loops into the Performance Panel

Loading content from the Loop Library onto the Performance Panel is simple drag n' drop stuff! 

Step 1: Click "Performance" opens grid
Step 2: Click "Library" tab to sort, play, select by date, instrument, key, style, tempo or author.
Step 3: Drag n' drop loops to any row / column on the Performance Panel grid.
Step 4: Copy / paste / drag loops between grids and linear audio tracks.

Recording Loops and Loops Sets Live using a Control Surface

Click on "Arm" button to record all performance grid tracks


Click on individual track button to record individual track grids.

Hit Transport Control "Record" in Mixcraft 8 and use Control Surface to capture live turning on / off Loops or Sets of Loops.

Switch Mode on Control Surface to Record Live Instrument Track

Switch Modes on Launchpad-compatible Control Surfaces in real-time to record a virtual instrument track live.

Using new Voltage Modular Virtual Modular Synthesizer by Cherry Audio, sync arpeggiation presets to the tempo of the project.

Editor’s note: If you would like to take a closer look at Mixcraft 8, please visit for more details or download a free trial. Thank you for visiting Anthony’s Home Studio.

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