Friday, May 18, 2018

Evandale's new single recorded with Mixcraft 8

Please allow me to introduce you to this month's Mixcraft featured artist, Evandale, a new band rising out of the Omaha underground rock scene. Watch their new single, Manipulator (over 12,000 views on FB and counting). All I can say is WOW! Great performance, great production, great band!

With an EP coming out soon, the one track we got to listen to has the potential to become a southern hard rock anthem. Evandale has talent and raw explosive energy! Here are Q&A's from an interview we did with Evandale guitarist Chad Riche:

Q: Evandale is a new band, when and how did it start?

A: Evandale basically came together via a FB post. EJ (Petry, lead singer) made a post on FB saying he was burned out on the cover band scene and was looking to write original music. Strangely enough prior to EJ's post, Ryan (Lang, drums) and I were in another band together that was on the verge of throwing in the towel. While discussing the future of our music endeavors I showed Ryan a video of EJ performing. I said "I have no plans of playing in another cover band, but if that guy wanted to do an original project I would be interested". Some time went by, Ryan & I's previous band played our last show, and basically life went on. I found myself writing a ton and really trying to educate myself on recording and the ins and outs of Mixcraft with the hopes of maybe putting out a solo album. One evening Ryan and I randomly and simultaneously logged on FB and saw a post from EJ. (Editor's note; good Karma dudes!) Long story short, we all met up a few days later at a local pub. Completing the line up with Eric Whitney (guitar) and Cody Du (bass), we talked about what we wanted to do and got to work the following week. We have been working on this project for about 9 months.

Q: How did Evandale decide on their music direction?

A:  This entire band is basically a group of "Midwest music scene veterans". Other than EJ, we all spent most of our years in the hard rock/metal scene. For me personally I will always love heavy music but I found myself bored playing it. I was bored with subsonic tuning, "watch me shred" guitars, hardcore screaming vocals, and trying to write to fit that criteria. We really wanted this band to be versatile. We wanted to rock out plugged in cranked to 11, but be equally effective with acoustic performances. We wanted to build our songs with catchy hooks, harmonies, and influences from both modern and classic rock.

Q: Whats next for Evandale? 

A: Currently we are finalizing our first EP. We kept a low profile up until a few months ago. We spent our time writing and tracking while trying to figure out "Evandale's sound". We are looking to have our EP released in August 2018 which will be available at all online music purchasing outlets (hard copy's will be available at shows). We have a really cool video shoot coming up! Mixcraft 8 has MP4 support and we plan on importing the video track to sync it with the audio recordings. Once the song is ready for publishing, we will take advantage of the one-click publishing features and be able to simultaneously publish to all of our video and music sites. We're also booking shows like crazy!!! As far as national touring goes nothing major at the moment, but who knows what the future has in store?

(Editor's note; check out "How to import and publish an MP4 file with Mixcraft 8")

Q: What role does Mixcraft play in Evandale?

A: Mixcraft was the first DAW I ever used. I have been using Mixcraft now for 5 years. I initially bought it for the simple fact that I wanted to be able to develop my ideas while writing and that was it. I needed something simple and efficient because I really had no clue what I was doing. My studio experiences were always just show up, track my parts and pay the bill. What I did learn quickly upon installing Mixcraft (I believe version 5 at the time), was this is addictive! Mixcraft has a very user friendly layout and in no time I found myself spending hours caught up in song writing bliss. I have since wrote over 70 songs with Mixcraft and done every upgrade up to the current Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio. 

With each upgrade the efficiency and work flow just gets better and better. Mixcraft comes with some amazing plugins. I am not sure if Mixcraft developers intended for this to happen, but I credit what small amount of knowledge I have of engineering to the presets and plugins that come with Mixcraft. I would apply them and see how they work, then start using them to further shape the vision I had for the project. It's like having a built-in teacher. With Evandale we weren't 100% sure how we were going to go about putting this album together. Money was a huge factor. We all work 9-5, have family's, mortgages, and other bills, so throwing down big money on studio time wasn't really in the cards. It was at this point we decided to either "track this album ourselves or it's probably not going to happen anytime soon". I thank my band mates for the opportunity. By no stretch of the imagination do I claim to be a producer or engineer, but I'm enjoying the learning experience. I look forward to improving my Mixcraft tracking and editing chops, and, at the end of the day, we hope to have a product we can be proud of and that fans enjoy.

Editor's note:
If the rest of the Evandale EP is anything near the high quality of the songwriting, performance and production as their new single Manipulator, keep on eye on these Mixcraft featured artists. For those of you in the Omaha and Lincoln area, Evandale have a few gigs lined up with many more to come. Be sure to check them out and follow them on the Evandale FB page here.  

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