Saturday, February 3, 2018

How to add an MP4 file to a song and publish to YouTube

I attend music educator conferences 
across the US doing clinics for teachers discussing how to integrate music recording into classroom curriculum. More and more teachers are looking to incorporate video publishing into the curriculum as well. To satiate these requests from teachers, songwriters and producers, here is a post covering the basics of importing video to a song, adding images, text, motion, transitions, fx and publishing to YouTube.

How to import an MP4 video file in Mixcraft 8:

Step 1: Click on the measure where you want to insert the video file.  

Step 2: Click on "Video" in the menu bar. Drop down and click on "Add a Video file". Select video file. Audio in video is imported to a separate audio track that is linked to the video track. 

Step 3: Click on "Show Video Window".
Video clips can be edited exactly like audio clips (move, cut, copy, paste, expand, reduce...).

Right click on track to add lanes and multiple videos:

How to add images, text and motion to a video track:

Step 1: Click on "Video" in menu bar. Drop down, select "Add still images"

Step 2: Click on "Video" in menu bar. Drop down, select "Add text", or, double click on the Text Track.

Step 3: Choose font, font size, color, bold or italics. Enter text in box. Click / hold on box to move text in frame.  

Step 4: Click on tabs to create shading, fade ins, reveals and movement.

How to create crossfade transitions and effects:

Step 1: To create a crossfade, click on a video clip. Hold and move clip to overlap clips and images.

Step 2: Click on "Toggle Animation" icon to view, access and add video effects.

Step 3: Click on down arrow to add video effects. Choose from 25 video effects. Click on "+" to add multiple video effects to a track.

How to upload and publish your video to YouTube:

Step 1: Click on "File". Drop down and select "Publish".

Step 2: Check off social media sites to upload video (MP4) and audio (MP3) to publish and promote on.

Step 3: Upload cover image and choose render quality. Enter song and video title, brief description, credits and tags.

Step 4: Click on "Publish" to instantly simultaneously upload to YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud and all other selected social media sites.

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