Friday, December 29, 2017

How can I import, sync and record tracks to an MP3 file?

In an interview for an on-line article about multitrack recording software for musicians, I was asked about how to use and import an MP3 file to record a song. Earlier this year, my friend Angel Robinson of Deluxe Promotions brought in Young A to the studio. Using Mixcraft 8 exclusively from start to finish, we were able to import the MP3, sync, record vocals, add tracks, mix and publish his song "All I ever knew". Coming up to the Cape from Brockton, Young A gave us an MP3 file on a flash drive. Once the MP3 file was imported, we let Young A do his thing. After the recording sessions, we let Mixcraft 8 take over.

Here is an excerpt from the interview on how to import and record to an MP3:

How to import an MP3 file in Mixcraft 8: 

Step 1: Click on "Sound" in the menu bar. Drop down and click on "Add Sound File".

Step 2: Select folder where MP3 file is located.

Step 3:  Select and click on MP3 file to load into project.

How to sync a Mixcraft 8 project file to an MP3: 

Step 1:  Click on the Metronome icon in the Transport Controls.

Step 2:  Select "Playback" in the Metronome settings pop-up dialog box.

Step 3:  Press "Play".

Step 4:  In the tempo display window, adjust the tempo until the click is synced to the MP3.

Create vocal sub-mix, record, add tracks and effects:

Step 1:  Click on "+Track". Select "Add Submix Track".
Step 2:  Select Vocal Submix track.  Click on "+Track". Select "Insert Audio Track".
Step 3:  Click on the "+Track". Select "Insert Virtual Instrument Track".
Step 4:  Click on FX button. Select Effect and Preset. Right click on FX button to open Effect.

After recording, editing and mixing the vocal and instrument tracks, we used Mixcraft 8 Publishing features (see how to publish in Mixcraft 8) to upload to SoundCloud. Check out Young A's "All I ever knew" (please note; song contains EXPLICIT LYRICS AND CONTENT). If you would like to take a closer look at Mixcraft 8, please visit for more details or to download a free trial.


  1. Good info for lots of people! I get many requests on how to sync audio files with a certian bpm.

    1. Thanks Eric. Totally enjoying all of your recent posts!